Factory Automation, Systems Integration, PLC Programming, Machine Design, Prototype Development, and CAD services

 Factory Automation / Systems Integration

PLC programming, Servo programming, HMI design, Data collection.
We work with the latest PLC equipmet from Omron, Opto 22, Beckhoff,
Automation Direct, IDEC, Allen Bradley, and Panasonic.

We also service older PLC equipment that still runs in factories today!
We have software, cables, and manuals for the following legacy PLC's:
Omron: CXXK series, S6, SP16, C200H, CQM1, CPM1, CPM2, CJ1M
Opto 22: anything programmed in Cyrano or FactoryFloor
IDEC: Micro3
Aromat / Matsushita / Panasonic: FP-1, M type

 Machine Design

New designs or existing design modifications

 Tool Design

Assembly, compression molding, RTM, weld jigs, hydraulics, special projects

 Prototype Design

Let us develop your mechanical/electro-mechanical product for you!

 CAD, Rendering, Graphics - PC and Mac compatible

Ashlar Cobalt (CATIA compatible), Autocad, Canvas

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