For all of you new engineering graduates out there - Murphy just LOVES engineers: Murphys_Law.pdf
(We just wanted to give you a "heads up")

  Great aviation portal

  Airport info, aicraft for sale, aviation blog

Olde Thyme

  Take a ride in classic antique aircraft

Air & Space magazine

  Smithsonian's on-line magazine


  Another great portal


  Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics


  Experimental Aircraft Association


  Aircraft Owners and Pilot's Association

Elite flight simulators

  Excellent desktop flight training, simulation

The Aviation Home Page

  Another very good aviation home page

Aviation Week

  News in aviation

Aviation Consumer

  Great reviews of aviation products

Flight Research

  Dryden Flight Research Center

Raven Maps

  Very appealing to map lovers

Aviation Weather

  NOAA's aviation weather service


  German company building new FW-190's


  THE "I gotts ta have it" flight simulator


  Treasure trove of free aeronautical software



Ashlar Cobalt

  We use this powerful, 3D CAD modeler


  Amazing library of pre-built CAD models

NASA Tech. Reports

  NASA technical reports server


  Society of Automotive Engineers


  American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Space Weather

  Too cool for words

  Cool engineering site

Patent Searches

  U.S. Patent Office, on-line searches

Flight Test Engineers

  Good technical resource

Machine Design

  Machine Design Magazine technical resource

Kirsten Wind Tunnel

  University of Washington

All Torque Engineering

  Supplier of quality cylinder heads Perth WA


  Maker of versatile flexible work-holding clamps









Learn HTML now!

Great html tutorial

Digimage Arts ColorIt!

"90% of high-end programs capability at 10% the price", including the use of most plug-ins



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