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 Our engineers have a broad background in machine design, and have been helping clients achieve their design goals since 1996.

We are fully equipped with the latest CAD and analysis packages. Your system will be fully modeled before it is ever built, using detailed solid models. You can regularly review progress via 2D prints or fully rendered 3D layouts. In addition, we can provide you with fully rendered views for presentation to your customers.


Sample machine design projects:

Automated Tube Grinder



The Client:
This client is a local Seattle aerospace company.

The Task:
Provide the client with machine design, electrical schematics, programming, documentation, and training for an automated tube grinder. The Tubegrinder was built by a local area shop.

System Description:
The tube grinder is used to simultaneously grind a shallow chamfer on the ID and OD of 2" and 3" diameter carbon fiber composite tubes. The angles must be ground to a repeatability of 0.02° from part to part. The air motor driven grinding wheels are diamond grit plated. The linear and angular positioning of the two grinding wheels are controlled by four servos. The unit is controlled from a menu driven handheld pendant. The operator can select from a pre-defined list of grind setups. The feed and speed of the tube, and the rotational speed of the grinding wheels are all controllable. There is a positionable vacuum system that takes up the dust. The unit is enclosed in a Plexiglas cover on gas springs. An Opto 22 programmable controller runs the process; controlling all the servo motors and air driven devices. The operator can, from a menu on the handheld terminal, adjust the position of a ground surface within its drawing tolerance zone. The unit has been in operation since 2000.


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