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Factory Automation / Systems Integration



What is a Systems Integrator?

A Systems Integrator (SI) is someone that integrates computer hardware and software, and mechanical equipment. Thus the name "Integrator".


Tools we use:

  • Programmable Logic Controllers - known as "PLC's" - which are the industry bread and butter.
    We have extensive experiece in programming Omron PLC's, Allen Bradley PLC's, IDEC PLC's,
    programming Opto 22 PAC controllers, programming AutomationDirect PLC's, and large projects
    using Beckhoff IEC 1131-3 open standard PLC's.
  • Software for: Opto22, Omron, Allen-Bradley, Automation Direct, IDEC, Beckhoff, Panasonic PLC's.
  • We specialize in Moog Animatics Smart Motor Servo motors - motor and electronics all-in-one
  • Computers, Networks, Servers
  • Bar code readers such as Keyence, and SICK
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Tags and Tag readers
  • Modbus communications
  • All manner of I/O devices including devicenet
  • Databases, data logging to disk, data trends, etc.

We Service Older, Legacy PLC's!

It can be very hard to find engineers who can service older PLC equipment.
We keep older software and programming hardware around in order to be able to service legacy PLC installations.
Some examples include Omron S6 and CXXK (C20K, C28K, etc), SP16, C200H, CQM1, CPM1, & CPM2 PLC's and software, Aromat / Matsushita / Panasonic FP-1 and M type controllers, and older Opto 22 G4 and Mystic® controllers that use the Cyrano or FactoryFloor® software. We of course have the latest PLC software and hardware as well.


We have experience in a wide variety of settings  - aerospace, marine, food service, pharmaceutical, laboratory, factory, enviromental remediation and cleanup, coffee roasting, packaging and shipping, brewery control, autoclave controls, hot bonders, automated aircraft radome testing, gate control, security systems, etc.

We are experts in systems integration.  You are an expert in your process.  We rely on you for knowing your process, and can you rely on us for knowing the tricks of the trade in automation systems design.

Sample integration & automation projects:


Wet Lab PID Control and Monitoring System

PROD Seafloor Core Sampling Drill Unit Programming

Coffee Roaster Automation and Remote Roast Reporting



Wet Lab Control and Monitoring System:


The Client:
This client develops vaccines for fish. The wet lab serves both as a fish hatchery, and as a challenge area where the efficacy of a vaccine is proven against a particular pathogen.

The Task:
Provide the client with design, programming, and documentation for a monitoring and control system.

System Description:
The Control and monitoring system controls such things as water temperature, oxygen concentration, water filter flush routines, and chlorination of effluent. In addition, extensive alarming with paging is provided, as well as complete data logging. Monitored data include temperature, flowrate, pressure, dissolved oxygen, effluent chlorine concentration, differential pressure across filter beds, PID control performance, etc. The operator has full authority over all control and alarm setpoints, including all PID tuning parameters.

Opto22 G4LC32SX connected to two HMI's (Human Machine Interface) via Arcnet. HMI's are runtime app's created in the OptoDisplay component of Factory Floor, and run under Win95.


Click below for more info.

Challenge row PID loop temperature control

Carbon filter backflush control

Effluent chlorination control


PROD Seafloor Core Sampling Drill Unit Programming


The Client:
This client provides sea floor mapping services using towed sonar arrays. They also have participated in the design and construction of sea floor core sampling drill units. This project involved the design and construction of the latest such unit.

The Task:
Provide the client with automation programming assistance.

System Description:
Looking something like a mars lander, the drill unit is lowered by cable to the see floor. It is equipped with thrusters, lights and cameras for manuevering. The operator sits on board ship and has remote control of all functions of the drill unit. All motion is hydraulic. The hydraulic power units and all I/O are contained within cylindrical canisters mounted on the drill unit. Power is routed down the cable. The controller directs all of the drilling sequences which can be done manually or automatically. Heading is maintained by a PID loop. Input fault overides and sensor calibration are also available from the HMI.

Opto22 M4 controller connected to an HMI (Human Machine Interface) via arcnet. The HMI is a runtime app. created in the OptoDisplay component of Factory Floor, and runs under Windows NT. Two monitors are used.


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Drill unit schematic

Landing and leveling control screen

Utilities screen


Coffee Roaster Automation and Remote Roast Reporting


The Client:
This client provides specialty coffees to the wholesale and retail markets. They manufacture a coffee roaster that is available to customers for roasting their product on-site.

The Task:
Provide the client with design, automation and systems integration assistance. Create a PLC program that runs the roaster, stores roast information, and transmits it's roast history via automated dial-out to a waiting MS Access appliction each day. Track inventory at each store in the Access app. Documentation. Training.

System Description:
A gas fired roaster that roasts beans in large batches. Operator selects bean recipe from touch screen and follows prompts to complete each roast. Scale weighs each batch to insure correct roast weight prior to starting. Automated movement of beans from scale to hopper and roast chamber.

Omron C200HX controller connected to a touchscreen operator interface.



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