Automated Aircraft Radome Test Range, Radar Range Transmissivity Testing

  >>> Automated Aircraft Radome Radar Transmissivity Test Range <<<
Look at these features:

- Automated Radome Testing per RTCA DO213 MOPS document specs
- Servo Control of radome azimuth and elevation
- Servo Control of transmitter azimuth and phase shift
- Transmissivity, beam deflection, and side lobe enhancement tests
- Automated report generation in Excel format with pass/fail and radome class
- Manual control of all axes as well as automated control
- Manual antenna polarity and alignment - with option for servo control
- Simple Calibration
- Easy to use interface
- Main bearing extremely over-designed (500,000 lb thrust, 100,000 ft-lb) for stiffness
- 500 lb radome capacity
- Virtual center of rotation for radome elev. axis; gives clear view at +/- 100 deg azimuth
- Avoids problems inherant in Compact Ranges and Roll Over Azimuth Ranges
- Test small biz-jet size up to jumbo jet radomes
- Default configuration is for after-repair testing, but can also quote on qualification testing
- Manually test any material for transmissivity
- View operator interface from your mobile device, or any browser (password protected)
- Have tested radomes as large as C-130 with appropriate options installed
- Optional floor mounted retractable hydraulic lift for positioning radomes
.... and much more!


By Turbocraft

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