Autoclave and Oven Controls, Controls refits

ATTENTION Autoclave and Oven users!

 NEW! Automated controls for Autoclave and Ovens

Based on our PID control for Opto 22 PAC Project®

Look at these features:

- 20 cure segments (more can be added for a fee)
- PID Temperature control based on air, lead, lag, avg, specific thermocouple
- Monitoring of T/C's for "sanity" and connection - auto removal if bad
- Specify alternate T/C's if control is by specific T/C
- PID Pressure control
- Vacuum monitoring
- Simple Calibration
- Easy to use interface
- Transition criteria based on lead, lag, avg, specific T/C, pressure, or time
- Create, edit, and save cure profiles while running
- Unlimited number of cure profiles - limited only by hard drive space
- Tend histories - go back and review past cures
- Data logging to text files that can be opened in a spreadsheet
.... and much more!


By Turbocraft

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