Gun Drill Servo and Controls Upgrade for older Eldorado Tool Co. Gun Drills

ATTENTION Gun Drill owners!

 NEW! Gun Drill Servo and Controls Upgrade for old Eldorado Tool Co.* Gun Drills, and others too

Look at these features:

- Large Touchscreen control, and run by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
- New Latest Generation Servo Motor with 15% more torque than original equipment
- Servo Motor runs much smoother and cooler than original equipment
- Installed kits showing 10X or more reduction in drill sharpening and replacement
- All original options included (except skip jog)
- Feed Rate, Start Position, Depth (End Position), Number of Parts, Tool Change Interval
- Servo Torque and Spindle Torque meters, track maximum torques, with reset
- Easy to use interface - training usually takes only 10-15 minutes
- Pause function allows pause during drilling in order to remove chips
- Three user settable jog speeds forward and aft
- Manual "go to position" feature
- Save part setups as "recipes" - up to 496 total
- Shows current head position on screen with remaining distance to go
- Configurable timer for timing individual parts or entire run of parts
- T-Slot Accessory Panel for Optional Part Drying Pan, Instrument trays, Tool Hangers, etc
.... and much more!

$12,500.00 for the complete kit, not including shipping, taxes, or installation
Stay tuned for the Optional T-Slot Accessories pricing

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 * Now a part of Kays Engineering Inc.


By Turbocraft

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